General information
The SpeedFace-V5L series is a completely updated version of the SpeedFace visible light facial recognition terminal. Combining advanced facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology, it recognizes a large number of faces and palms ultra-quickly, without contact, increasing safety and hygiene in all aspects. Biometric non-contact recognition, along with the new face temperature and face-mask detection feature, eliminates severe hygiene problems and effectively prevents the spread of viruses and infections.

The series incorporates body temperature detection, anti-counterfeiting facial recognition and ultra-fast 3-in-1 palm recognition (shape, minutiae and veins) compared to up to 3,000 palms. The TD version is the perfect choice to reduce the spread of viruses and prevent contagion in key places such as hospitals, factories, schools, corporations, shopping malls, transport stations and organizations with high safety and hygiene requirements.

Main features
  • Tecnología de reconocimiento facial Visible Light
  • Mayor higiene con verificación biométrica sin-contacto
  • Detección de temperatura e identificación de cubrebocas
  • Algoritmo facial anti-falsificación ultra-rápido
  • Tecnología Computer Visión para reconocimiento de palma sin contacto
Especificaciones Técnicas

Technical specifications

Display Pantalla táctil de 5”

Capacidad de Rostros: 6,000 (10,000 Opcional

Capacidad de Palmas: 3,000

Capacidad de Huellas: 10,000

Memoria de Eventos: 200,000

Sistema Operativo: Linux

Funciones Estándar: ADMS, Teclado, DST, Camara, ID 9 Digitos, Niveles de Acceso, Grupos, Días Festivos, Anti-passback, Búsqueda de Eventos, Alarma Tamper, Múltiples Métodos de Verificación

Hardware: 900MHz Dual Core CPU, Memoria 512MB RAM / 8G Flash, Cámara 2MP WDR Low Light, Lámpara LED ajustable

Comunicación: TCP/IP, WiFi (Opcional), Entrada/Salida Wiegand, RS485

Interfaz de Control de Acceso:   Relé de puerta, Sensor de puerta, Botón de Salida, Salida de Alarma, Entrada Auxiliar

Velocidad de Rec: Facial ‑1s

Algorítmos Biométricos: ZKFace V5.8 & ZKFinger V10.0 & ZKPalm V12.0

Fuente de Energía: 12V 3ª

Humedad Operacional: 10% - 90%

Temperatura Operacional: -10 °C - 45 °C

Dimensiones: (AnxAlxProf) 91.93*220*22.5mm

Software Compatible: ZKBioSecurity3.2+/BioTimePro

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Access Control Terminal with High Speed ​​Facial Recognition with 5 "Touch Screen / Antipandemic / Temperature Detection / TCP / IP / #Contact # COVID19

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