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Technological solutions

We support our clients and their companies to work smarter and more profitably by providing the best in technology and value-added services.

We simplify and accelerate the sales channel with our technical experience to provide a solution even before quoting.

We are a true solution, and as our clients can be sure that they obtain the best price-benefit solution,

We have all areas of Technology

  • · Aspel administrative systems:

· New Systems Sale; Additional Users; updates; Installation and configuration; Maintenance of the systems and their databases; On-site and real-time training; Telephone and Internet connection advice

from a computer to a network, regardless of whether they are in distant places.

  • Systems for labor assistance control

· That control from the track, through cards, or facial recognizer.

  • Intercom Systems:

· With doorman for house or departments from one to 32 stations or departments.

  • Seismic Alarm Systems:

· Which may contain automated controls that can close gas valves, dangerous liquids, or simply audible. And visible.

  • Fire alarm systems:

· Centrals with multiple connections to connect smoke detectors, presence detectors, etc., with multiple outputs, such as audible, visual and sending videos and messages etc.

  • Digital and analog telephony.

IP telephony, and traditional analog; Configuration of Switches, links via Microndas and Internet of telephone extensions; regardless of your physical location or distance. Maintenance of your wiring system, and new installations. 

  • Communications via Microwave (antennas); Via Internet; via electrical wiring:

With these communications we can link your Internet, video surveillance and voice and data services between buildings or distant offices, reliably.


of its headquarters that already have telephone and Internet services, and its administrative program of sales-accounting-warehouse, etc, etc. and the branch needs the liaison with the central office so that their computers and IP phones can use the same switch, and connect to the administrative system, all as if they were in the same offices. Regardless of the distance between the branches, and if that were not enough, you can see the video surveillance cameras in the branch. What else comes to mind?

  • Structured cabling:

· New installations, We design maintain and update your existing wiring. For networks, traditional telephony and IP, and video surveillance, also alarms and fire protection, intercom in homes and buildings. Interior and exterior pipes, with the advantage that we can test the wiring with your equipment working, since as we sell the equipment, we can prove that they are connected and working, (special configurations on the equipment is charged separately).

We work with the best brands in the market, and we put all our experience to develop new projects and / or maintain existing ones.

We are sure that these will be invaluable tools to improve business.